Plum Puddings Race

Dec 18, 2023

Our annual Plum Puddings Race took part on Sunday, followed by a Christmas party. The course for the race was slightly shortened, owing to the strength of the stream and the large number of crews involved, so instead of starting at the Pink House the race began a hundred or so yards further downstream. After two scratchings there were still 22 crews from eight clubs taking part, including fourteen eights, seven quad sculls and one octuple scull.

The fastest crew overall were the QBC men’s quad, in a time of 11 min. 56 sec, but after the sealed handicap had been applied the winners of the first prize were deemed to be the MAABC men’s quad “Bussell”, with an adjusted time of 11 min. 26 sec. The full results are shown below.

Bow NumClubBoat TypeCrew NameRaw TimeOverall Posn.H’capAdj. TimeH’cap Posn.
21ICSMW8+ICSM ‘A’14:25151:2013:0520
23TyrianMix8+Snail’s Pace PACE12:3930:3012:098=
28MAAMix4xWild Family12:4340:1512:2815
29QBCM4xQBC ‘A’11:56111:566
31BBLW8+BBL 113:3791:2012:1712
33CygnetM8+Cygnet ‘A’14:10121:1013:0018
37SonsM8+Sons of Santa12:3421:0011:343
38SonsM8+Sons Masters13:2281:0012:2214
40QBCM8+Barflies ‘A’14:12132:0012:1211
46BBLW8+BBL 314:45182:0012:4516
60QBCM8+Barflies ‘B’15:31212:2013:1121
78QBCW8xJackie’s Ladies16:34223:0013:3422
101BBLW4xBBL 214:21142:3011:515
115QBCM4xBreakfast Club14:09112:0012:098=
142PTRCW4xSwift Boat15:03193:0012:037
151CygnetM4xCygnet ‘B’15:09203:4011:292

The QBC Barflies ‘A’ crew would be interested to know how Cygnet ‘A’ operate their time/space warp – very impressive!

When all the crews were safely ashore and back in the warm, action tranferred to the QBC club room for drinks and hot food (chilli con carne/veggie), the presentation of prizes and the inevitable Christmas raffle.

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