Quintin Squads


Senior Men

The Senior Squad are run by Ben Lewis focusing on the major heads and regattas.

The natural peaks in the cycle are the Eights Head and the club events at Henley Royal Regatta.



Quintin’s Masters Squads encompass something for everyone and all the squads are keen to gain new rowers whether you just want a weekly paddle or want to stretch yourself further.

The BarFlies target long distance events like Venice’s Vogalonga, the Traversée de Paris et des Hauts-de-Seine and Berlin’s Rand Wandsee that celebrates the Fall of the Berlin Wall.



The SuperVets are a highly competitive outfit that focus on retaining their titles at the World Masters Championships.

Across the year their focus is on events like the Veteran Fours Head, the Head of the Charles and Henley Masters.

This group will always welcome new members.



Quintin Women

Women have been members of QBC since the turn of the century. We have everything from multiple Henley Women’s Regatta winners to a growing squad of recreational rowers that take advantage of being coached on quiet Wednesday mornings.


Sculling Group

Quintin has a thriving sculling community. The club runs its own Handicap Series in the run up to the Scullers Head.

If you are interested in keeping your scull at Quintin contact the Captain.